Saturday, April 19, 2008

All the World's a Candid Camera

Years ago, too many years for those who are now under 40 , there was a prime time, network television show called Candid Camera. Allen Funt, the show's creator and host, would create a comical gag for people to get caught in, and then film their reactions Such a gag might be a box on the floor with a metal plate in it. Then an extremely strong electromagnet, concealed in the floor, could be turned on or off. When it was on, it would make the box impossible for any human to lift the box. Then, Funt would add a little old lady to the scene. She would try and get some burly guy, a passer-by, to help her lift the box and carry it over to another place within camera range. Of course, with the magnet on, no big burly man would be able to lift the box. Then, in frustration, the little old lady would, with the magnet now turned off, just pick up the box and move it herself; embarrassing the burly guy. The comedy was in the face and expression of the burly guy who, just moments before, couldn't move that box. Then the gag would end with the musical theme of the show: "Smile, You're on Candid Camera!"

Well, Candid Camera, as a show, is long gone. However, it lives on, today, in the form of YouTube. Almost everyone has a video camera in their hands in the form of cell phone. Through YouTube we can now see dumb criminals film their own crimes. We can see the most chilling moments of rescues and disasters that have ever been filmed. We see people doing silly things that are legitimately funny; and some that aren't. But, during this election cycle, we get videos of our would-be elected officials doing things that might never be aired on the nightly news.

One such case might be a YouTube video of a "gesture" made by Barack Obama, yesterday, while talking "about" Hillary Clinton. A screen-shot of that "gesture" is pictured above. The bloggers are going nuts with it. My picture is just a "freeze-frame" of that video and it certainly highlights what was done; or, maybe, "thought" to be done. When you run the video through, without a pause, it could easily be "taken" as just a simple "scratch" by Obama; albeit, using that particular finger. (Though. in a previous "scratch," he used his little finger and, after the gesture, he never scratches or touches his face, again) But, the thing that has got the bloggers going, is the crowd reaction to what he does it. Further, he says "she" (Hillary); then, he makes the gesture; and follows with "she" being said again; with her name as bookends to the gesture. Later, he makes he makes other gestures; like cleaning sh*t off his shoes. (Click here to see the video on another blog). I would have never though Obama to be such "the" mime. I always though he was a man of words! If he does make it to President, his discussions with other world leaders are going to be very, very interesting. Anyway, here's a typical blog that is talking about that video: Click here to get a popup link.

I am sure that the Obama team will just brush this one off; sort like Obama "brushing off his shoulders" in that video. If they do respond, I am sure it will be a reprise of his previous and as-usual "being taken out of context" kind of denial. My only point in bringing it up in this blog is the fact that everything and anything is being captured on video today. And, when it comes to the bloggers, they are slicing and dicing anything to get to the most minute details out of things that are said or done. You would think that Mr. Obama would have learned his lesson from his "cling" remark in San Francisco. But, he didn't! I suggest that Mr. Obama, and all the other candidates, watch out because: "Smile, you're on Candid Camera!"

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