Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bill and Hill's 109 Mill

Well, after weeks of calls by the Obama team for Hillary Clinton to release her tax info, Bill and Hillary finally released their tax filings since 2000. For sure, life has been "very, very, good" to these two since leaving the White House. Book deals, presidential retirement pay, senatorial pay, speaking engagements and other "arrangements" with foreign governments and/or individuals have netted the Clinton's a cool $109 million in income over the period. (See Full Story).

Forgotten in this number is the fact that the Clinton's once "begged" for help in paying for their legal defense bills associated with Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. (See Full Story). Feeling sorry for the Clinton's and worrying that they might be "destitute" upon leaving the Presidency, many Clinton loyalists anted up about $8.7 million to pay their legal fees. Boy, were those people wrong! I don't suppose Bill and Hillary would even entertain the idea of reimbursing all those who paid their legal fees; now that they have all this new found wealth. Would they?

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