Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Flame Out?

In more danger than Hillary Clinton when she visited Bosnia, the Olympic Torch and Flame was shepherded into San Francisco last night under the full cover of darkness. Like snipers, the protesters are scattered along the Torch's route in the City by the Bay; each with the intent of extinguishing the life out of it. Even the self-proclaimed Tibetan Buddhist, actor Richard Gere (actually born in Pennsylvania with lineage back to the Mayflower), is there in order to heighten the intensity of this show. (I guess a real Tibetan Buddhist wasn't available for today's events) And, the San Fransisco Police are on high alert. They will be providing protection for the Torch as if the city was being visited by the Queen of England.

Back in Washington, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are calling for President Bush to boycott the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Bush has been defiant with the intent of attending the ceremonies but separately confronting China's President on the issue of Tibet. I guess Clinton and Pelosi, Democrats who are always yapping about the fact that Bush doesn't engage enough world leaders on issues, must think that engaging China on Tibet would be a waste of time. In their minds, the only thing that will bring China (that rising Super Power with nukes) to its knees is by boycotting the Opening Ceremonies. I suspect that Clinton's "real" plan, if Bush would only listen, is to have the President boycott the ceremonies and, if that doesn't work, invade China and free Tibet. (I'm sure she'll call for invasion of China, soon, if her poll numbers keep slipping in Pennsylvania)

The trouble with all these protests and Clinton/Pelosi strategies is that it won't make a difference on the issue over Tibet. Does anyone think that China will actually change it's stance on Tibet if some latte-sated twenty-something is actually able to extinguish the Torch in San Francisco? Not hardly! Will China crumble if Bush isn't warming a seat at the Opening Ceremonies? I don't think so!

The issue between China and Tibet goes all the way back to the 1700's and it has been a diplomatic issue for both the Clinton and Bush Administrations; with no avail. My guess is that it will probably be an issue for the next President and, probably, many Presidents after that. In order to bring this to a head, the world community has to band together through the United Nations. However, trying to get that peace-keeping body in agreement on anything is like trying to spread peanut butter on top of water with a knife.

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