Monday, April 28, 2008

Reverend Wright's Hypothesis on Black Education in America

I watched Reverend Jeremiah Wright's speech last night before the NAACP in Detroit.

What I heard last night might be quite different from what others heard who are simpatico with Reverend Wright and others who are protective of Barack Obama. What I heard was a speech that did a disservice to all Black youths in this country and did a disservice to all those Black adults who have been so successful in America. In that speech he went on about the differences in how Black children "learn" as compared to White children. His hypothesis, primarily based on the writings of an educator by the name of Jane Hale, assumes that Black children have a "learning difference" from White children; a difference based on African heritage versus that of Western European heritage. According to Wright, Whites use the left side of the brain in what he calls "object" oriented learning. Black children use the right side of their brains in "subject" oriented learning. Of course, neither Wright nor Hale are scientists and, at best, this a layman's observational hypothesis and not really based on true science.

If we put all "that" mumbo jumbo aside, he, in essence, is telling all the Black youth of America that they can't be educated in our White educational system because "the system" isn't structured in the way that would enable them to learn. This is his rationalization for the substandard school performance of "some" Blacks in America. So, I guess what Wright is really saying is that all the Black school children in America should just give up. They should go home because our educational system is not meant for them. It is just a waste of time. Once again, in the gospel according to Reverend Wright, the Blacks of America are just being "bleeped" (insert expletive) by White society and the White-controlled government in this country. (He actually didn't say that but, I'm sure he wanted to!)

Not actually spoken in Wright's "hypothesis" is the "implied" concept of "segregating" the races; at least, in our school system. Now, I may be wrong, but I think that Wright's opinion is "less" a hypothesis for the better education of Blacks in America and "more" a supporting theorem for Black racism in this country.

At the same time, given Wright's explained differences in Black and White brains and their ability to learn, you've got to wonder how the most successful and the most intelligent Blacks in this country ever made it. You know...those scientists; those educators; those professors; those business professionals; those artists; and, those poets. Just how did they manage to get through a White school system that was not meant for them? Were they freaks and were they somehow "born" with a white-oriented brain structure? If you listened to Wright, the only explanation that you could assume is that they must have inherited an "uncle tom" kind of brain that helped them get through our White-based school system. Yeah, that's it!

If I were a successful Black person and listened to Wright's speech, I think I would be upset! Barack Obama should be upset, too, because it appears that his success, in the words of Jeremiah Wright, is a result of him being less of a Black man. Maybe it is because of his "uncle tom" brain of having a Black father and a White mother that got him to and through Harvard University; that basti0n of upper class white-oriented education!

I listened to Wright and in that speech he managed to drum up all of the old racial problems of the past. If you listened to him, you could only feel that there was "no hope" for the Blacks of America; and, an implied distrust of all whites. His oratory on education was another example of that division. A division that he seems to be happy to promote. A division that has kept him popular for the last 30 years. To me, his Church and his sermons are just the Black equivalent of a radical Muslim Madrassa school in the Middle East that is designed to teach and foment hate. I don't think Barack Obama and his campaign are going to be real happy with the airing of that speech last night for all the world to hear; another hate-speech from Obama's so-called "former" (???) pastor and 20-year spiritual mentor/advisor. As my wife said to me, his was not a speech based on the "Audacity of Hope" but, rather, a speech based on the "Audacity of Hopelessness!"

Maybe now, Barack Obama will see how hurtful his association with Wright really is. Maybe now, Barack Obama will finally understand that "his" Reverend doesn't really want him to win the Presidency as I had said in this blog back in March (see my blog entry). Sadly for Barack Obama, he has made this bed and is pretty much stuck with sleeping in it. Any attempts, now, to further distance himself from this hateful person will only be seen as too little, too late, and too political!

Note: If a White person had given a speech that contained so much White versus Black "contrasts" as did Wright in his speech of last night, he would have been labeled a White racist by most Blacks and most Whites. Unfortunately, too many Blacks probably see Wright as a "visionary" and not the Black racist that he appears to be.

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