Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hillary's Phone Calls

Hillary Clinton must think that every emergency that befalls the Presidency must come in the middle of the night and via a "red phone" telephone call. First, she had her "red phone" moment with a potential international crisis. Now, the phone is ringing in the White House to announce the economic crisis.

I would hope that the next President of the United States would have a cabinet and a staff of advisor's who would be on top of things so that there would be a "heads-up" long before the need of a phone call at 3 o'clock in the morning. It might be a surprise to Hillary but, a lot of professionals in the stock market were predicting the housing bust and a potential recession as early as 2006. And, while all three of the Presidential candidates are now making comments about the crisis, it is a little like the scenario of the "horse already being out of the barn"!

More than likely, the only call that Hillary might get at 3 AM would be a "heads up" on Bill's latest exploits as she lays, alone, in bed! While that might be a cheap shot, I think her latest 3 AM political ad is a cheap shot against McCain. Hillary has a bigger problem with her Bosnia lie. Quite frankly, any hopes that she had of winning were dashed when she "supposedly" mis-spoke on that one. That was Hillary's equivalent of the Howard Dean "yow...wee" moment.

As far as the economic crisis goes, as a United States Senator, she had ample opportunity over the last year-and-a-half to submitted legislation to address and head off the crisis before millions of Americans lost their homes. Now, she acts like Bush was asleep at the wheel. But the President, Henry Paulson, and the Federal Reserve are all doing something about it now. They're not, like Hillary and Barack Obama, running around talking about what they "would" do, a year from now, when they might become President.

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