Thursday, April 10, 2008

Desensitizing the Jeremiah Wright Scandal

I don't know if you've made note of it but, there's some subtle changes in the way Barack Obama now presents himself since the Reverend Wright scandal broke:
  1. He is starting to use "God Bless America" as he signs off from various political rallies.
  2. Whenever possible, several United States flags will fill the space behind him.
  3. He always refers to Jeremiah Wright as his "former" Pastor or as the "retired" Pastor.
  4. He marginalizes the anti-American, Racists, and anti-Jewish remarks by referring to them as a few "snippets" from 30 years of Sermons and Speech given by Wright.
Believe me, this is all intentional and has been well thought out by Barack's handlers. The purpose is to minimize the Reverend Wright issue in the minds of the voting public. The intent is to make it all seem like such a "little thing" and something that was all in the past; even though Wright didn't actually retire until just a few weeks ago. The flags and the "God Bless America" sign-off are both intended to give a sense of patriotism and establish and reinforce the realism of his Christianity.

From the polls, it appears it is working with Democrats in the race for the nomination. Of course, Hillary has made that job easier will all her "lying" problems. However, I am not sure that it will work in the General Election battle. We'll see!

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