Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movin' On Up

The mental midgets at once ran a full page ad in the New York Times (the official newspaper of the Democratic Party) which was captioned: "General Petraeus, Betray Us!" Cute. Isn't it? However, beyond the little girl skipping-rope mentality of that ad, General Petraeus is a "man" who was sent out to win in Iraq and, by all accounts, has nearly done so. As a result, the peace that he was able to bring to most of the provinces in that country has created a framework for positive political efforts to go forward. By last count, 12 of 16 of the political benchmarks that our Congress mandated in Iraq have been fulfilled and a majority of those remaining open items may be completed by the year's end. The only "betrayal" in that scenario is by who appears to be a consistent cheerleader for us losing in Iraq.

Now, it is only logical that United States "use" one of its best tacticians, General Petraeus, to manage the broader tensions in the Middle East (See Full Story). A smart move because we can now use his acute judgment and skills to solve some of the pressing problems in Afghanistan and, possibly, in Iran, Syria, and in Lebanon. At the same time, he will still be able to pursue more gains in Iraq.

Already, there is backlash from some Democrats. Instead of viewing this move as putting our "best" in a tough job, people like the Majority Leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, and Democratic Senator Russ Feingold are squawking and making sounds like they are going to block the Petraeus' promotion. Of course, not using Petraeus only makes sense if, and apparently, the Democrats would prefer a "weak leader" in that position; in the hopes that we'll lose everywhere in the Middle East. Helping this mentality along is the Associated Press (the "Pravda" equivalent for the Democratic Party's propaganda machine) who writes articles like "Petraeus promotion keeps nation on its war course" (See Full Story). I might be wrong but, doesn't "winning" (not whining) ultimately result in peace and bring about an end to a war? Of course, there is one other "choice" that is "preferred" by the Democratic Party and left-wing media: Put your tail between your legs and just quit in failure and defeat!

I guess I'm tired of all the revisionist history from the Democrats who were as equally complicit in sending us into Iraq. People seem to forget about all the ignored U.N. Resolutions. the intelligence data on WMD's, the expelled Weapons Inspectors, and our own Senate approval that was used to enter the war. They seem to forget about all the time that was given Saddam Hussein by the Bush Administration to comply with the U.N. resolutions and return the Weapons Inspector as a means of avoiding war. Was the intelligence data wrong? Yes! However, it was just as wrong before George W. Bush got into office.

The "reality" is that we got into Iraq and we are there and no amount of "denial of how we got there" is going to change that fact. Now that we are there, we should leave that country under the best possible conditions and not under the cloud of defeat; if at all possible. Right now, there is one person, General Petraeus, who holds the key to our success; both in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. We should come together and give him all our support!

Note: To get a better picture of the Centcom Map (pictured above) and (General Petraeus' complete area of proposed responsibility) just click on that map to get an expanded view.

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