Monday, April 21, 2008

Open Immigration? I Don't Think So!

While not as hot a topic as it had been just a few months ago, illegal immigration still gets plenty of media time. Usually, the general topic involves whether or not our Federal government should raid businesses with high levels of suspected illegals. Many of those arguing against this action believe that Hispanics from Mexico and Central and South America "should be" free to come and go. An open border system.

Instead of us arguing about all those "well worn" problems and costs associated with illegal immigration, I would propose that we look at this issue from a different angle. Let's say, hypothetically, that we abandon all of our immigration policies and controls. What then? What if we just opened up our borders without any restrictions? What would be the impact on our economy if another ten million immigrants came into this country? How about another twenty million or thirty million; or, even higher? And, let's not forget that we currently have about 15 million Americans who are out of work.

I think that the reality of doing so would be a total economic and social disaster. A disaster that this country could never recover from. We would be swamped with a flood of non-English speaking, uneducated, and untrained workers and their families. Our health care system would collapse from a tsunami of the uninsured. Our school systems, which can barely survive now, would implode. Unemployment would skyrocket to double or triple what it is now. The average American salary would suffer, too, as the immigrant population would be so hungry for work that they would be willing to undercut the pay for any job; not just those jobs that Americans aren't willing to take. And, our employers will be happy to oblige them if the criminal repercussions in doing so were all gone. Lastly, crime would be rampant as millions would be without any income.

For those who think that our borders should be wide open, just think about the true consequences of doing so. Let's not think that a flood of uncontrolled immigrants would be beneficial to this country; because, it just wouldn't. While it is true that we are a country of immigrants, we did so over time. Not overnight! Therefore, we need to come to a reasonable solution that would provide for "controlled" work entry into this country, with guaranteed jobs, and without destroying the economic and social strengths that have attracted so many to our borders.

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