Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama (sort of) Endorses McCain!

After weeks of saying that John McCain would be four more years of George W. Bush, Barack Obama now says McCain would be a better President than Bush (See Full Story). However, to be fair, he also included himself and Hillary in that same "better than Bush" category.

(Note: If you are a liberal and you are hearing this for the first time , please take a second and lift your chin back up off the floor)

Wow! This almost sounds like an endorsement of McCain. Believe me, the liberal bloggers are going nuts over this statement. They can't believe that Obama actually said it. Personally, I can't either. Hillary Clinton immediately jumped on it, too. She could hardly wait to use it against Obama in her stump speeches of yesterday and saw it as a perfect opportunity before today's Pennsylvania Primary. I listened to quite a few Democratic analysts and almost all agreed that you should never convey that kind of message about an opponent to the voters. Some said it shows Obama's lack of campaign experience.

Obama's comment never really hit the national press because the mainstream media is protecting Barack Obama. However, I can guarantee you that those words will haunt him until November. Some enterprising campaign ad manager, either directly for McCain or for some conservative interest group, will have Obama repeating that comment, over and over, in some slick TV and/or radio commercial in the Fall.

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