Friday, April 18, 2008

Not A Shining Moment

One last comment about the ABC Debate on Wednesday.

The left wing bloggers, the press, and extreme liberal commentators are all screaming foul over the debate. They feel that their guy, Barack Obama, was dealt a heavy hand and Hillary Clinton was given a pass. But, all the screaming is because Obama looked "really bad" and, so, his defenders are taking it out on ABC, George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson. Believe me, if Obama looked good in that debate, those same people would have lauded Obama for fielding such tough questions. But, Barack looked quite less than "smooth" while he danced around the "cling to guns and religion," the Reverend Wright, and the Ayers questions. In fact, he did a few 180's on what he had previously said on those topics. Further, his (and Hillary's) arguments for getting out of Iraq and raising taxes simply fell flat.

I guess the Barack fans thought that, instead of having a debate, their guy should have had the equivalent of a soft-ball, Larry King-like "don't attack or they won't come back," powder puff type of interview; sort of an audience with the king. But, Barack Obama has a lot of "character" related issues that he has dodged; every step of the way. This is no time for a "Mr. Obama, would you like a pillow" kind of moment as Saturday Night Live once parodied about the media and Barack Obama.

Don't expect those "character" issues about Mr. Obama to go away. His failure to address them, once again, will just fuel more intense curiosity by those in the news media that "aren't" in the bag for Barack Obama .

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