Friday, June 13, 2008

10 Simple Questions for Barack Obama

  1. Since your projected new spending programs exceed any projected tax cuts by a ratio of 3 to 1, where is all this extra revenue coming from to pay for your programs?
  2. What would you do if, while pulling out of Iraq, civil war erupts, thousands of Iraqis are slaughtered, and Iran tries to fill the vacuum by moving into Iraq?
  3. If we national health care, this will place a higher demand and, subsequently, higher prices. How do you plan to control prices?
  4. The so-called Bush Tax cuts have resulted in record tax receipts; although spending was also at record levels. Please explain how eliminating tax cuts will avoid reversing this influx of tax receipts?
  5. Some believe that the exponentially increasing college tuition rates is a result of a high demand for college and too few colleges. How would increasing demand through increased tuition assistance stem the out-of-control costs for higher education.
  6. If your "green collar" jobs program is designed to implement wind and solar technologies, how would these technologies, which are primarily used to replace national gas and coal electricity production, solve our high gasoline prices?
  7. Again, on green collar jobs, how would you control the environmentalists who have consistently blocked wind farms and massive solar collectors?
  8. How would controlling CEO pay create lower level jobs and raise those salaries?
  9. At one time you were for merit pay for teachers based on performance. If you eliminate "No Child Behind" how would you measure performance and why, now, have you abandoned merit pay for across the board salary increases?
  10. You told AIPAC that you would enhance and share missile defense systems. Yet, a year ago, you said you would abandon such systems. Which is correct?

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