Monday, June 2, 2008

Birds of a Feather

OK, Obama quit his church after those "toxic" statements by Father Pfleger a week ago last Sunday. In doing so, he and his team tried to "minimize" his association with Pfleger. But, Pfleger, like Reverend Wright, is a 20 year relationship. Like Wright, Pfleger is an activist radical; expecially in terms of the Catholic Church. Chicago police have actually had to arrest him in the past for his activism.

Obama and his campaign handlers have downplayed "all" his radical associations as either casual or, somehow, being taken out of context. Most recently, he tried to marginalize his relationship with the Palestinian activist, Rashid Khalidi, who taught at the University of Chicago and whom Obama had many dinners and thought-provoking discussions with. In trying to protect the Jewish vote, Obama has seriously minimized his association with this guy by characterizing it as an "acquaintance" (See Full Story).

Obama's real problem lies in the fact that some people are "now" starting to see a pattern with this guy. His friends, if appropriately taken in total, paint a very questionable picture of him. A very radical pattern of association. There isn't just one "radical" in this guy's current relationships and his background, there are many. From Louis Farrakham, to Reverand Wright, to Tony Rezko, to Father Pfleger, to Rashid Khalidi, the radicals just keep piling up. You put that together with the fact that he is more inclined to "talk" to the Presidents of Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela rather than spend any time with the our allies like Pakistan or our military leaders, and, I believe, we may all have something to worry about.

My wife once said: "Wouldn't it be something if Obama was actually the ultimate terrorist act?" She was half-way kidding about that but, now, I don't know!

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