Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Move On, MoveOn (.org)

One thing about MoveOn.org, they are consistent. It is as if a bunch of pre-teen/teen boys are running the show over there. You remember the school-yard rhyming ad in the New York Times: "Patreaus - Betray Us." That's one you could easily skip rope to in the school yard. Now, their latest "childish" demonstration is a video commercial about "Saving Alex" (See the YouTube Video).

First, little Alex should thank God every day for the fact that his obvious;y Democratic mother didn't "abort" his little ass to start out with. Second, even if John McCain does serve two terms, little Alex will be barely 9 years old when McCain leaves office. Even with parental permission (Right!), I really think, at age 9, little Alex might have difficulty getting into our military. Of course, there is that possibility that the "warmongering" John McCain will lower the age of enlistment and re-instate the draft so Alex will have to serve and so we can attack every other country on the planet. Third, Alex's mom should worry more that little Alex won't even graduate from high school. In this country, thanks to our splendid union-controlled schools, little Alex has about a 50 percent chance of graduation. And, fourth, if Alex doesn't graduate, mom doesn't have anything to worry about because little Alex couldn't get into the military without a high school diploma; good reading skills; and, fair math skills. Fifth, would someone please tell Alex's mom that the military in the United States is an "all volunteer" force. Finally, if we don't win in Iraq, there may be a resurgence of Al Qaeda and little Alex's chances of dying from terrorism would probably be a lot higher than him joining the military and going on to Iraq in 20 years from now.

MoveOn.org is, well, so "old" MoveOn.org. At a time when even the Democrats have "moved on" past the war and are now focused on oil prices, the housing crisis, and the economy, MoveOn.org is still in a "quagmire" over Iraq. (Note: The Democrats recently approved the latest Iraq war funding bill without even a single debate and without their typical inclusion of a date-certain for withdrawal.) Even the national news media has forgotten the war. Isn't it time, MoveOn (.org), that you, too, move on!

One last point. Little Alex's mom should worry more about the push to convert food stocks to ethanol and other biofuels in order to fight pseudo-war on Global Warming. To ignore increased oil production and to put all our hope into renewable energies may just create a worldwide famine and a worldwide economic depression. If so, many people, including little Alex, could "lose" their lives in the fight against Climate Change. In which case, the loss of 4000+ military lives and the billions of dollars spent in Iraq will be insignificant!

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