Thursday, June 12, 2008

On Domcestic Oil: The Games Democrats Play

Yesterday, people like Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats used the argument against drilling in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Reserve) and off the coasts of Florida and California by saying that the oil companies have federal leases on 68 million acres of land that they aren't using. Yes, they have the leases for exploratory drilling. However, the little secret that Pelosi and the rest of Democrats won't tell you is that the environmentalists, once again, have stopped any drilling on these Federal lands in order to save this insect; that bat; or this endangered bird or plant; and, so on. (Click to see a typical example)

It appears getting the lease is the simple part. Trying to get through the liberal courts and against the wishes of groups like the Sierra Club is another thing. Billions of barrels of oil are effectively being blocked by environmentalists and the friends they find in our Federal Courts. That's the game!

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