Monday, June 30, 2008

"General" Stupidity!

On yesterday's "Face the Nation", retired General and adviser to Barack Obama, Wesley Clark, decided to attack John McCain on his military experience (See Full Story). I guess Mr. Clark thinks John McCain couldn't be Commander-In-Chief because he didn't have "executive (military)" experience. When Bob Schieffer (the host of "Face the Nation") challenged Clark about Obama's lack of skills, Clark said he had the strength of conviction to oppose the War in Iraq and good communication skills.

Wow! The strength of conviction to oppose the War in Iraq! I guess Cindy Sheehan should be President. And, let's not forget that Hitler and Mao had great communication skills!

The stupidity of Wesley Clark's critique is not to lessen John McCain's military experience but, rather, to emphasize how "militarily weak" Barack Obama is at a time when this country may need it's military more than ever. Barack has "no" (and, may I repeat "no") military experience. I doubt that he could barely tell the difference between an Marine and a soldier in our United States Army. In fact, he might not even know the difference between a Canadian soldier and our military personnel!

John McCain is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. As a graduate of one of our 3 major military academies, he certainly had training in command and control and historical and the then-current wartime strategic and operational philosophies. We know that he had pilot training. And, while Wesley Clark can claim that McCain command responsibility over a wartime squadron, he did have "command" experience and I think being captured in a bombing run over North Vietnam qualifies McCain a having "wartime" experience. Lastly, McCain spent much of his "post" prisoner of war activities being involved with the military. He was the Navy's liaison to the United States Senate from 1977 until 1981; the year he retired. As a United States Senator, he continued his involvement with our military by serving as a member on the U.S. Senate's Armed Services Committee.

Clark's moronic assertion is like comparing a kid who's flown a balsa-wood glider (Barack Obama) with a "real" academy-trained fighter pilot (John McCain). Who would you prefer be in charge of our military? And, if it weren't for extremely partisan politicking, you know that Wesley Clark would have "never" made such idiotic comments and, then, defended them with even more idiotic rebuttals. But, as usual with politics, intelligence and logic both seem to be scarce commodities.

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