Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"What is important..."

The latest distortion of facts against John McCain by Barack Obama, the Obama campaign and the king of flip-flops, John Kerry (who "flopped" last election)is, once again, how long we will be in Iraq. This morning on the Today Show, John McCain was asked about the reduced casualty rates and does that, now, give him some idea when we could begin to remove troops from Iraq. McCain responded by saying "That's not important!" So, immediately, the "snippet" team at camp Obama clipped that comment out of full context and began saying McCain was insensitive to our military deaths in Iraq by saying that he was "confused and heartless." The medal-tossing and believer that all American troops are killers of woman and children and rapists, John Kerry, had to chime in even further (See Full Story)

The boldfaced lie in this is that McCain when on to say "What is important is the casualties in Iraq..." He then talked about being in a variety of countries for years; ie. South Korea, Japan, Germany, etc. He went on to talk about the importance low casualties and the importance of winning (See A full YOUTUBE video of McCain's Comments).

The Barack Obama and the Obama team are real good at distorting facts by taking things out of context. Then, when things aren't taken out of context, like those anti-American comments by Jeremiah Wright, he and his team claims that those are "out of context" and just "snippets" of a whole speech and a lifetime of speeches. Obama is good at deflecting the truth about himself and dishonestly magnifying a lie about his competitor. He did that over and over with Hillary Clinton during the lead-up to his win. He's an old fashioned machine-type politician with all the old tricks in the his playbook. Unfortunately, the people that are so much in "love" with this "concept" of this guy that they just can't see it. Most of those fools couldn't tell you his position on anything other than getting out of Iraq. They, also, have no idea of anything (which is nothing) that he has truly accomplished. If he's elected, it won't take long for them to really find out about Barack Obama. And, they might not like what they see!

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