Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's In a Name?

I thought it was "cute" that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had their "bury the hatchet" moment in a town named "Unity" in New Hampshire (See Full Story). It just shows how totally "orchestrated" everything has become in politics; especially in the Obama campaign. From the day Barack Obama announced his candidacy in Springfield at the very place that Abraham Lincoln gave his "House Divided" speech and where launched his first run for office, everything is about the "show". It is almost an "Obama" trademark. (Too bad there's nothing behind it!)

After hearing of the Unity, New Hampshire location, I thought to myself: What other places could they have picked?

Personally, my choice would have been in the town of "Deep Gap" in Tennessee; that's because I really don't think this "Unity" thing is that believable. Maybe, they should have picked the city of "Double Trouble" in New Jersey. That would have been expecially appropriate if Hillary is taken as his V.P. pick. Another choice might have been Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. I think Hillary would have picked this as her choice because she totally trounced Obama in the Primary there. If you look at the way Obama won over Hillary then, maybe, "Shafter" in California would have been a good choice. Of course, if everything is "really OK" between these two former rivals, then the choice might have been Nirvana, Michigan. Finally, I think, given the body blows and head shots that were thrown between these two during the primaries/caucuses, it would have been perfect to end everything at "Bloody Basin," Arizona.

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