Friday, June 20, 2008

No Debate On Iraq

I guess you could say the war in Iraq is going well when the most liberal body of our government, the United States House of Representatives, was willing to pass a new war funding bill without an ounce of debate (See Full Story).

The reality is that to debate the war would be to expose the marked improvements in the stability in Iraq from just a year ago. To debate the war would be to say that Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's declaration of just a year ago that the Iraq War was lost and mired in a civil conflict was all wrong (See Pelosi/Reid Story and Reid Comments of April 2007). To debate the war would be to say the surge "is" working. To debate the war is to say that presidential candidate, John McCain, was right. And, to debate the war was to say that Barack Obama's cut-and-run comments of a year ago would have been the wrong tactic from a man who would be our Commander-In-Chief (See Video).

The lack of debate says it all. I guess "no debate" is the closest you'll ever get as an apology for being so wrong!

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