Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Hard Working Elected Officials

First, they trucked in a basket full of oil executives into Congress so they could rake them over the coals for high oil prices. Then, they switched tactics and got in front of the microphones and tried to push the fact that the oil companies have 68 million acres of Federal land under lease that they are drilling on. When that didn't seem to fly, they went on to have hearings about speculators and then they found out that some of those speculators were actually funds run by city governments and college and universities.

Oh, well. Now our Congress is tired and they are off to their 4th of July recess. (I used to have recess, too, when I was in elementary school. But, when I became a "big kid" in high school and college, we worked without a recess! That was especially true when I had some important school work to do like; prep for an exam. Of course, economy killing oil prices isn't important enough to warrant skipping a recess. Now, does it?)

After all our Congresses work do we "now" have any hopes of lower oil and gas prices? Not a chance! In fact oil jumped from about $134 a barrel to a record near $142 this week. Thank you. Congress! I know we can always count on "you" to solve the big problems that face our country. And, I realize that sometimes "baseball steroids" are more important than new sources of energy in this country. Also, having a hearing over Scott McClellan's tell-all book is very important, too. But, that's alright. We'll get "by" with gasoline prices over $4 a gallon while you conduct one the numerous hearings to try and hang George Bush and his administration with some feeble impeachment offense. It doesn't matter that in election 2006 you Democrats promised energy independence and lower gas prices in your little "Maoist" pamphlet entitled: "An New Direction for America" (See the full text as a .pdf file) (Of course, oil prices have doubled since then and since then and since you go control of Congress!)

No, none of that stuff really matters. So, kick back and relax on your recess. I plan to have some corn on the cob this weekend while I can still afford it. Thanks to Congress's ethanol/biofuel increases in last year's energy bill, that, too, seems to be out of financial reach for most Americans. But, those big corporate farmers should be happy. Thanks to their doubling in corn prices, they can cover the cost of the high oil prices that most American's can't. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi!

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