Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Confused. Dazed. The Democrats Say That It Has To Be About Race!

In psychology, rationalization is a somewhat twisted mental exercise that completely ignores reality and tries to make sense out of things by using possible, but highly illogical reasons, for one's own actions or for the cause of something.

Right now the Democrats are in the process of trying to rationalize all the opposition against their plans for health care reform. They can't simply accept that all this anger in the Town Halls and elsewhere is because people don't like their plan. Instead, they have concluded (rationalized) that any and all opposition to ObamaCare and other Obama policies can "only" be about race. In their dazed and confused condition, the Democrats have come to the ultimate conclusion that, because Obama is a black President, people are really racist and automatically against his policies.

Psychologists believe this kind of mental exercise to be a defense mechanism that is based on some deep-seated and subconscious beliefs. In other words, those who seem to be using racism as a rationalized defense of something, might, in fact, be addressing their own subconscious guilt. A guilt of being a racist, themselves.

This derangement by some Democrats, to play the race card at the mere drop of a hat, does seem to be especially illogical if you look at the simple fact that many Democrats, themselves, are against the plans of the Democratic leadership and of Obama. Therefore, am I to assume, using their own racism defense, that many Democrats, too, are racists? Using that same twisted logic, are all those conservative Blue-Dog Democrats absolute racists for opposing ObamaCare?

The Democrats are playing with fire in constantly using race as the rationale behind everything this country does. And, I repeat, everything! This will only dilute the race argument to the point where people will stop listening; even when racism is a real problem.

On Sunday, that pillar of intelligence at the New York Times, Maureen Dowd, said that what she really heard last Wednesday night, when Joe Wilson said "You Lie", were the words "You Lie..boy". If that isn't seeing racism behind every tree, I don't know what is. Apparently, the term "boy" is clearly on her mind. Does that indicate some deep-seated guilt on her part? I don't know?

Joe Wilson said what he said because the Democrats had already blocked any attempted legislation that would exclude illegal immigrants from free health care as part of any health care reform bill. For Obama to say that no illegal aliens would get care under this health care reform plan was, in fact, a lie. While the bill in the House, HR3200, didn't specifically allow illegal aliens to get health care; it wouldn't exclude them, either. Maybe, if Joe Wilson had said "Yes it does!", he wouldn't have gotten into such trouble with the House of Representative's archaic rules on how to talk about the President in any in-session setting. But, then, poor Maureen Dowd would have still have thought that she had heard the words "Yes it does, boy!". And, there we'd go again!

One last thing. In yesterday's vote to rebuke Joe Wilson for what he said, a lot is being made of the fact the 6 Republicans also voted to rebuke him. Those 6 must not be racists. However, someone should also point out that 7 Democrats voted "against" the rebuke. I would suggest that somebody take a really hard look at those 7 Democrats. Because they sided with Wilson, they just might be racists, too!

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