Sunday, September 20, 2009

Iran Is No Long-Range Ballistic Missile Threat?

Obama's abandonment of the Missile Defense Shield in Eastern Europe has caused many a military analyst to say they smell a rat. For sure, it has our allies in Eastern Europe upset as noted in this news story: "Poles, Czechs: US missile defense shift a betrayal".

Just last April, Obama gave this speech in Prague:

The logic "now" being used by Obama for eliminating the Missile Defense Shield in Europe just doesn't add up with Obama's words in that Prague speech or with what we already know about Iran's nuke/missile programs.

First, the Obama Administration seems to say that the recent intelligence information has concluded that Iran won't have long-range missile capability for some time. However, that does not square with the fact that, in 2008, Iran launched a dummy satellite into space by using what could only be considered a warhead-capable long-range delivery vehicle (Click to See Full Story: "Iran sparks US concern with satellite rocket launch") .

Secondly, they say that if Iran is shown to have developed long-range capability, they can always restart the program. However, it takes years to build and go operational with any long-range missile defense system. So, to stop now, just puts us well behind the curve. If we wait for the day that we find out that Iran has achieved the capability, it may take many years of exposed danger before any system becomes operational.

Gates reassessment of Missile Defense is him just being a "yes man" to something that Obama had in mind for years. This is evident from an Obama campaign pledge of just 2 years ago:

Gates is just conforming to what the naive Obama had planned to do all along; and, he is not really informing Obama of the facts. Obama has always had this fairy tale in his mind that he can "talk" Russia into standing down on nuclear weapons and that he can convince both Iran and North Korea to come to a kumbaya reversal in their evil ways and abandon their nuke programs. Like a lot of liberals, Obama seems to believe that there are no bad people in the world -- only people that are pushed into being bad. That silliness is like thinking that you can take every cop off our city streets and all the criminals will just lay down their arms and stop being their little criminal selves.

How naive! How so Jimmy Carter!

One last comment. The two videos (above) and the recent abandonment of missile defense clearly exposes why Obama is losing public trust on a number of fronts. Like this flip-flop on missile defense, he has flipped, just as notably, on the original intent of the Stimulus and on many aspects of his health care reform plan. More and more, people are seeing that they can't trust anything this guy ever says or promises.

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