Wednesday, September 30, 2009

East Cleveland Mayor Loses Big

People always say that they hate dirty politics. But, when it comes down to voting, they always vote the dirtied politician out of office. What that person did in their job really doesn't matter.

For sure, it happened again last night in East Cleveland, Ohio. The challenger, Gary Norton, beat the current Mayor, Eric Brewer, by a vote of 2015 to 1147. A near 2 to 1 ratio.

As I had written in this blog just a couple of days ago, Eric Brewer was caught posing in some compromising cross-dressing pictures.

Now, certainly, the mayor's job in East Cleveland isn't any big national issue. I wrote about it in my blog because I thought it was funny on the surface. But, in reality, it was so typical of a lot of political campaigns in this country. This was just another example of a below the belt smear campaign that was intentionally initiated on the near-eve of an election. This happens all the time on all levels of politics. Once again, politics remains true to its well known "dirty" moniker.

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