Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Fox In This Chicken's House

On Sunday, Obama will, once again, try to sell his health care reform plan by appearing on five Sunday network news shows. Of course, he'll be with those always Obama-loving networks such as NBC with Meet the Press; CBS with Face the Nation; and, ABC with This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He'll even do CNN and Univision.

But, obviously missing is any Fox show such as that network's Sunday news show, Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Apparently, this President isn't even big enough to take on his detractors. Even though, it would be hard to call Fox News Sunday's host, Chris Wallace, some kind of hard hitting right-winger.

Instead, Obama always takes the bike path rather than any off-road challenge.

If he thinks that he's punishing Fox by excluding Fox, he only has to look at what happened to Van Jones and ACORN to see how powerful Fox has become.

It would be smart for this President to use the power of Fox and not try to be so childish and small minded as to run away from it. If he can't handle Fox, how is he going to deal with enemies such as Iran, North Korea, etc? Is Obama going to spend his next 3 years only dealing with people, groups, and nations who are completely in love with him? Is that what we expect from someone who holds the most powerful position in the world?

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