Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama: "We'll Call You Out!"

In Wednesday night's speech, Barack Obama said "we'll call you out" when talking about the opponents to his health care program.

This just epitomizes what Obama is all about. He is a community organizer who has been allowed to assume this nation's highest office. In many ways, he's acting a lot less like the President and more like the Community Organizer-In-Chief for all his partisan supporters.

This "call you out" thing is what groups like ACORN do. And, let's not forget that Obama trained ACORN personnel -- probably in that very technique. If ACORN doesn't like how many loans a particular bank is giving out to low income people in a certain community, they "call out" that bank by picketing it or by conducting a "sit in" in the lobby of the bank. To heighten the impact, ACORN always makes sure that local news gets a heads-up on what they plan to do. In essence, the community organizing groups use these techniques to embarrass their targets and to direct public anger against those targeted businesses. There's a name for this. It is called a "shakedown" (aka extortion and protection) and the mafia and organized crime have used it for years -- although, in their cases, a lot more violently.

Just think about this. Obama has, over and over, used this "call you out" tactic to try and direct anger against those people or groups that he sees as blocking his agenda. He has personally called out Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News. In one speech he called out conservative opinion writer, Bill Kristol; but, not by name. Then, he has attempted to direct anger against AIG executives by calling on the SEIU and ACORN to picket in front of those AIG execs homes. He has "called out" greedy Wall Street, the banks, the health insurers, and the doctors for their unnecessary procedures. He has similarly attacked all those "want-him-to-fail" Republicans who supposedly give false claims about his health reform plans and who, as Obama says, only want the maintain the status quo. Then there were those cops in Cambridge who "acted stupidly" when "his friend" got arrested. He even publicly denigrated Las Vegas and other business-meeting and convention-dependent locations as places that those in corporate management have no place visiting. No one can really know how much those comments have contributed to the almost 13 percent unemployment rate in Las Vegas.

There are almost as many attacks on fellow Americans by Obama as there are facets in the failing programs in his agenda.

At no time in the history of this country has there ever been a President who has been so divisively oriented. No where has there been any attempt to rally this country into a single, cohesive unit. Instead, we have a President who is constantly trying to pit the country against specific people, groups, and businesses; turning one American against another. At the level of the Presidency there is no room for this kind of public flogging by somone who is supposed to be the leader of all Americans. Obama should realize -- but doesn't -- that some of those greedy Wall Streeters and bank personnel are Democrats, too, who are just trying to survive in a recession that this President seems to be making worse with all his failed programs.

If anyone should be "called out", it should be this President for this "cheap shot" B.S. that we see from him on a near daily basis.

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