Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Absurdity of Harry Reid's "Opt Out" Option

Harry Reid's latest shell game with the "public option" for health care reform is his "opt-out" option (Click to See Full Story: "Reid to advance opt-out 'public option'")

Under Harry's plan, any individual state, not wanting to participate in the Federal "public option", can just "opt out". If they want, they can create their own public option. But the kicker is that if a state elects to "opt-out", its citizens will still have to pay all the Federal taxes and fees and accept all the cuts in Medicare and Medicaid in order to pay for the Federal "public option".

It's sort of like Harry making you buy a ticket for a movie and, then, saying: "You don't have to see the movie but everybody "does have to buy" a ticket!"

Because of this, Harry knows that no State Governor or State Legislature will ever "opt-out" of the "public option" under that condition. That would be political suicide. But, when you listen to Harry and his "opt-out" option, he makes it "seem" like the Feds are being flexible and not forcing all of America to accept the "public option".

And, so, the game of deception by the Democrats over ObamaCare continues on.

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