Sunday, October 4, 2009

How Now Chairman Mao?

When Chairman Mao instituted his form of communism in China, it became a country of pure socialism. It was literally: One for all and all for the state.

Now with China just having celebrated 60 years of Communist rule, China can hardly be seen as what Mao originally envisioned. It has turned into an economic powerhouse that is quickly becoming the manufacturer to, of, and for the world.

Yes, sir, good old capitalism has infiltrated this once-pure communist/socialist country. Western clothes have replaced the old uniform attire. Sure, the government still has a lot to say about what is done there. However, there are an increasing number of anti-Maoist, renegade capitalists who are being reborn as wealthy Chinese businessmen. I don't think that Mao envisioned that his vision of "everybody being the same" society would have gone so far in creating so many billionaires and millionaires in what was supposed to be his Utopian society. But, it has (Click to See this Story from Two Years Ago: "300,000 Chinese millionaires in China, Rolls Royce trying to get some of them").

China is what the U.S.S.R. was unable to become because, unlike the Soviets, it began embracing capitalism. The China of today would never be found in the words and philosophies expressed in Mao's blueprint for his country in what is now popularly known as his 'Little Red Book'.

It just seems like, with every new page of history, the precepts of socialism are found to be faulty and the benefits of capitalism are being extolled by the improvement of people's everyday lives. Yet, now, we look to be moving towards the futile direction of socialism. How dumb is that?

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