Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enemies Of The State

While the list of successful accomplishments by Barack Obama might be small, there is one list that is growing by the day. That is his list of enemies.

From day one, Obama has used the politics of division and derision to attempt to get public approval for his policies. He has used this technique extensively to divert attention from his own failings.

For the economy and the Afghanistan war, George Bush has been blamed from the get-go; and, still now, is being blamed for Obama's inability to get the economy on track or to improve the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

He has also called out individuals like Joe the Plumber during the campaign. Since being in office, people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill Kristol have be singled out as enemies of Obama.

Then, there was AIG and all those greedy Wall Streeters. When he was trying to restructure GM and Chrysler, the enemies were the bond holders; even though Obama was literally screwing them to the wall. Lately, it's all those profit-motivated-only doctors and those bad health care insurance companies. Humana was especially targeted because they sent out a notice to all their Medicare recipients; telling them how ObamaCare could take away their benefits. Now, Obama's laser beam of hate has been focused on the U. S. Chamber of Commerce for not backing his Cap and Trade and health care reforms.

Lastly, of course, there's Fox News because it won't become the ever-loving Obama news outlet like it's competitors.

Obama can't seem to sell his programs on their face value. Instead he's always trying to create a bogey man to make the American people think that he's some kind of White Knight who's trying to save us all and protect us from the ever-present evils in our society. But those groups and people that Obama is complaining about are our real White Knights; actually protecting us from his radicalism.

Obama is practicing thuggery politics. He calls out individuals and groups to demonize them and make himself and his policies look better. But, the polls are increasingly showing that people aren't buying it. They are beginning to see who the real problem is. And, that problem is the real enemy of our state.

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