Monday, October 19, 2009

How Stupid!

This morning, CNBC actually fell for a bogus email and announced that the U.S. Chamber of Congress was behind the climate change bill that is working its way through Congress. The stupidity of CNBC is that U.S. Chamber of Commerce would never get behind Cap and Trade because they know, more than anyone else, that it would kill American businesses and jobs. Rather than fact-check before they did their "BREAKING NEWS" alert, CNBC didn't even question the validity of that email and went ahead and reported the lie. The reality is that this fake email was sent to them by a pro-Obama, pro-Climate change group (Click to See Full Story) who has sent out other bogus emails in the past.

This just shows how eager the media is to promote any left-wing agenda being backed by Barack Obama.

Ya know. It's all about love. And, when you're in is blind.

To be fair, Fox Business also fell for this bogus email; but Fox News didn't. The same can't be said for the always Obama-loving subsidiary of Obama Inc., General Electric, and its cable operations like CNBC and MSNBC. After all, it was one of CNBC's star anchors who once called George W. Bush a "monkey" (Click to See Full Story). No political bias there!

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