Friday, October 16, 2009

Harry Reid's Apples and Oranges Analysis

The above video is making the rounds on the Internet today.

The primary reason for this is that Harry Reid appears to have spilled a very big can of beans by saying that health care reform will "really" cost $2 trillion dollars and not the under $900 billion "lie" that he and the other Democrats have been throwing around as gospel.

But, more than that, Harry can't seem to do simple math.

In the video, he compares an estimated $54 billion in "annual" savings for tort reform with a 10-year spending total of $2 trillion. And, then, he he has the gall to say that $54 billion -- when compared to $2 trillion --- is just a drop in the bucket. Lastly, this dummy concludes this flawed analysis by saying: "You can do the math...we can all do the math..."

Oh, really? Do the math, Harry?

This is so typical of the B.S. that we continually get from so many politicians on the left when they're trying to make things add up for one of their extremely wasteful projects. In doing so, it appears that they either have left their knowledge of simple mathematics behind when they graduated from grade school or, more than likely, they are all habitual liars.

That $54 billion per "year" savings will have a 10-year total savings that is in excess of 1/2 trillion dollars and, to Harry, I would say: That ain't the chicken feed that you seem to think it is!

My math says that this number, alone, is one-fourth of the $2 trillion that Harry plans to spend and that's a big chunk of change to anyone; except, of course, for a typical tax-and-spend Democrat like Harry.

Maybe this is why the consummately-clueless Harry Reid is doing so poorly in the polls; especially in his own home state of Nevada! It just reminds me of another episode of stupidity by Harry when he and Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to George W. Bush -- in early 2007 and before any additional troops had even arrived in Iraq -- to tell him that the surge wasn't working and we should redeploy our troops out of that country (Click to Press Release and the Letter). If we had listened to Harry and Nancy, then, we wouldn't be leaving Iraq in the next year or so with our heads high and an apparent victory under our belts. Instead, Harry and Nancy would have had us leave in complete defeat. Now we're supposed to believe him on health care?

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