Monday, October 12, 2009

A Word About Taxes

Before the word tax became associated with government economics, it was a word that had the following synonyms:
charge, cumber, drain, encumber, enervate, exhaust, lade, load, make demands on, oppress, overburden, overtax, overuse, overwork, press hard on, pressure, prey on, push, put pressure on, saddle, sap, strain, stress, stretch, task, tire, try, weaken, wear out, weary, weigh, weigh down, weigh heavily on, weight

When I hear politicians say that taxes won't cripple business, I can only think that they don't understand the origins of that word. Taxes are what the word implies. They are a burden and they do cripple the economy.

In the upcoming year, the Bush tax cuts are due to expire. With the current stimulus plan working so poorly, an immediate extension of those tax cuts by this Congress would go a long way in sending a signal to business that they can expand and hire people without worrying about the added burden of increased taxes for next year.

At the same time, while Congress is toying with the possibility of a second stimulus, this economy could get a big kick start if they would consider tax cuts for the average citizen; rather than another boondoggle expense package that solely gives union workers some extra part time work in filling pot holes and building running tracks.

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