Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Letterman's Glass House

For years, Letterman has used his show to hurtfully denigrate many a person through his comedy. Over the last decade, his attacks have been increasingly focused on those who are on the political right. His attacks against Sarah Palin and her daughter were of particular note.

Now, we find out that the rock throwing Letterman was living in his own glass house.

With his apparent sexual escapade with at least one staffer, we know Letterman to be the hypocrite who violated one of the primary unwritten rules of good business practice: Never dip your pen in the company ink well.

What is even more disturbing are Letterman's own words used to describe his wrongdoing. He said that he did "terrible, terrible things" and things that were "creepy". This, to me, says that his actions were well beyond a simple -- and maybe, normal -- romp in the hay with a subordinate.

I think Letterman may find himself in a world of hurt if what he says he did is actually true. If, in an open court, it actually does turnout that he did "terrible" and "creepy" things, his career could be toast. And, I, for one, won't miss him.

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