Monday, October 5, 2009

Iran: Palming The Real Nuke Facility

It appears that Iran will open its doors of its supposed super-secret Qom nuclear processing facility to the U.N. atomic energy inspectors in just three weeks (Click to See Full Story: "Iran OKs inspection, moves toward cooperation with U.N.").

Since I am always the consummate pessimist, this agreement from Iran just screams of deception. My guess is that when, in 2007, an Iranian opposition group announced that Iran was building the super secret Qom facility, Iran decided to use this disclosure to it's own benefit. At that point, I am sure that Iran decided to leave Qom open, using it for some innocuous nuclear work, and, then, continue the really secret work somewhere else. Like the street hustler who palms the target card in a game of 3-card Monte, Iran is also palming its real nuke facility and making you think that Qom is the target. The fact that they are so quickly willing to open the doors on this supposedly secret facility strongly hints at this kind of intentional deceit and not a willingness to work with the West.

I think this was Iran's plan from the beginning. All, they needed was someone like Obama to call them out on that Qom facility. All along they were probably willing to open the doors and allow the inspectors to walk around; knowing full well that those inspectors will only find benign activities. Once again, this deception will make Iran look totally guiltless. Meanwhile, the real dirty work is still going strong without any scrutiny. Then, Iran can again proclaim to the world that they are just an innocent country who is trying to provide needed nuclear energy to its people; even though Iran is actually awash in oil as an energy source.

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