Friday, October 30, 2009

The Big Lie: Saved Or Created Jobs

In the face of increasing unemployment, the Obama Administration is still standing by their fantasy that they have saved and created jobs with the Stimulus Package. Increasingly, people aren't buying it; especially with the "true" unemployment rate at 17% (Click to See Full Story: "Chart of the day, underemployment edition"). I think the Obama Administration should start to worry because the what-had-always-been-friendly-to-Obama news media is starting to put out reports that say Team Obama is all wet. Here's an example from CBS News:

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And another report from Associated Press: Stimulus jobs overstated by thousands.

All too often, our politicians seem to think that if they tell you the same lie, over and over again, it will actually become the truth. However, this "saved and created jobs" lie is just too much of an exaggeration for anyone to take seriously.

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