Monday, October 19, 2009

ObamaCare and The Family Feud

If you listen to Obama and his people, it's the Republicans that are blocking health care reform for America. Or, sometimes, it's those bad and greedy insurance companies that don't want their massive profits being tampered with. Other times, Obama will call out Fox news and Talk Radio for depriving America of a chance for affordable and quality health care.

But, the reality is that ObamaCare isn't passing muster among his own party members. The Democrats are the real reason why Obama is still waiting to pass health care reform. After all, he theoretically has all the Democratic votes that any left-wing President could need to get any legislation passed. Yet, the process just keeps dragging on and on.

Pelosi and Reid can't get the job done because their own party members are bickering among themselves. The fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats aren't buying the big price tag. Other very liberal Democrats want abortion in the bill; while others say their constituents won't have it. Then, the rural Democrats are fighting tooth and nail over any abandonment of Medicare Advantage because it could kill their reelection chances. The big city Dems want illegal aliens covered; while many others are saying no. The biggest problem for the many Democrats who feed at the union money trough is the fact that Cadillac Health Care Insurance plans, the ones most union members have, will be taxed; and, taxed big time.

So, when you put it all together, it is the Dems in Congress who are really going "mano e mano" on health care. That's why anything that comes out of this "melding" process that's now going on behind closed doors, is bound to result in a final bill that is easily over a thousand pages long and is guaranteed to have an equal number of pages worth of addenda attached, in order to appease each individual concern of every Democratic member of Congress. Because of this Family Feud between the Democrats, this will be the most hodgepodged bill in U.S. history. When all the dust settles, we are going to have a health care reform proposal that is "sausaged up" with every possible Democratic special interest being taken care of and, the American people will be left out in the cold.. Just mark my words!

Update: As of this late afternoon, it was determined that the health care reform bill has now made it to a total of 1502 pages (Click to See Full Story). Of course, the addenda have yet to be played out!

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