Monday, August 25, 2008

Biden's "Foreigner" Foreign Policy

OK. Biden was apparently picked because of his foreign affairs and foreign policy experience. But, just looking at Iraq, you have to wonder about his true capability in that arena.

In the beginning, Senator Joe Biden was all for the war in Iraq. Then, he was against it. He was also against the surge because he "thought" it wouldn't work. Instead, he believed that all the ethnic fighting in Iraq could be solved by splitting the country into three entities: Sunni, Kurd, and Shiite. Then, people would just move around within the country and re-settle into that piece of Iraq that would be compatible for them. How inspirational! How unique! How segregationist and possibly racist! Certainly, the Iraqis didn't appreciate his segregation plan (See Full Story)!

Maybe, we could apply the "Biden Principal" to all the ethnic problems, here, in the United States. We could give either Texas or California to the Mexicans and make them all move there. Then, we could put all the Blacks in Michigan and Illinois. How about those Muslims. They already seem to have a lock on Minnesota. Let's give 'em that State. What about the Chinese and the Japanese? Of course, the rest of the United States could just be divvied up by the Whites; but, by religious breakdown. We could give New York and Florida to all the Jews. That way we could keep relocation costs down. Then, we could give all the Catholics a State like Massachusetts and some of those other Catholic-dominated New England States. After all, we wouldn't want to have to force John Kerry and all the Kennedy's to move out of their not-so-humble abodes. And, those Baptists? There's plenty of Southern States to choose from. Oh, wait a second. What about Blacks and other races that are Catholic? Should religion take precedent over race? I think we need a "new constitution" to address this whole thing! Where is David Duke and Reverend Wright and good Nazi when you need them!

The above satirical view just demonstrates how absolutely ridiculous and callused Joe Biden was to the concept of national unity. He was truly looking like the outsider or foreigner when trying to force foreign policy onto Iraq. Is this what we want from a man that is one last breath away from the Presidency?

Biden has a history of making somewhat "ethnic/racial" remarks and, obviously, has not held to the same standard that a Republican would be held to. As I mentioned in my blog entry of two days ago, he made some rather eye-opening remarks about East Indians at 7-11's and Dunkin Donuts and about Mr. Obama being the "first...articulate...clean...good looking...storybook..." black running for office. (Sorry, Messrs. Jackson and Sharpton!). Trent Lott, the former Republican Senate Leader, made one comment that was less direct and he was excoriated by the Press and the Democrats and was eventually forced to step down. Look what happened to Republican George Allen in Virginia when he made that now-famous "macaca" remark. But, if you're a Democrat like Biden, you just keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. His reward for all his remarks...the V.P. job!

Biden may be a nice guy and not "intentionally" a racist. Maybe, like Trent Lott. However, he does seem to focus on ethnicity and race a little too much when making some comments and, even, foreign policy. I think he is the loose canon that may ultimately sink Obama's ship. There's a lot of talking to be done between now and election day and it only takes a slip or two to turn off voters.

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