Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Washington is Broke! Let's Make It Even Bigger!

You only have to listen to one speech from Barack Obama and "he" will always tell you how broken Washington D.C. is. His solution isn't really the change that he would have you believe. Instead, his solution is to make government bigger. Make it even more of a broken mess than it is now and do it with his near trillion dollars in proposed big government spending programs.

His only and simple "fix" is to get rid of the special interests. But, only the corporate special interests. Forget about the unions, the environmentalists, the ACLU, the trial lawyers, and all the "special interests" that the Democrats are beholding to. Not once does this guy ever express really reworking our government in order to fix it. For example, Social Security is broken and will, at some point in the future, collapse under its own weight. Obama's solution: more taxes. That's "his solution" to all the problems in America. There are never any "work better" and "streamlining" solutions in Obama's empty bag of remedies for better government and a better society. Obama really doesn't want to be President. He just wants to be the Nanny in Chief; and, if you're good little boys and girls, he'll raise taxes and get you some more free money!

After working for years in a corporate environment, where cost containment is paramount, there is one thing I have learned: Money and people are the "last" two things you should ever consider throwing at any problem. To demonstrate this, I like to think back to one of my earliest successes in business management. Years ago, I had office planning responsibilities. We had a product support group that was growing in staff at a rate of over 10% a year. We were literally faced with giving them their own office building to support their growth. However, the V.P. of Finance, to whom I reported, told me that we didn't have the money for a separate facility and that they better start doubling up on desks. Well, that wasn't an acceptable option and, so, to make a long story short, I got approval to do a business study. We found out that most of the support telephone calls to that group were for 3 products out of the 3 dozen products they supported. As a result of that study, we had our sales personnel field install advisory/instructional labels on each of those products to eliminate the apparent confusion our customers where having. Those telephone support calls almost totally disappeared. We changed the instruction manuals and customer training procedures. That department added no more staff that year; despite adding numerous products to support. Two years later, that department was actually 20 percent smaller. And, by the way, I got promoted.

Money isn't the solution to everything, but to Obama it is. The Federal Government isn't broken for the lack of money. Money is the reason that it is broken. Money adds greed and corruption. Obama's plans for more and more spending aren't going to "un-break" Washington. He will just make it worse. That's the message McCain needs to sell when he's out there taking about cutting spending and Obama wants to spend more.

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