Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama: Aloha...Grandma!

Even the "Chosen One" should get some much needed R&R once in awhile. This week, Barack Obama is off to Hawaii for a week of vacation. He'll be spending time with the white Grandmother who raised him (See Full Story). Apparently, she is figuratively out of the hospital and up for having guests after being literally thrown under the bus by Barack during the Reverend Wright controversy. You remember. She's that "typical white" person. That's the Grandmother who harbored "racial" feelings about black men when Barack Obama recounted a bad experience that she had while she waiting for a bus (See Full Story). In a way, the same bus that he threw her under. A lot was said by the press over Obama's comments about his Grandma. We really don't know what Barack's relationship is with his white Grandmother. We should never assume the worst. Maybe he actually got permission from his Granny to smear her as a racist all over our national media. We just don't know. We just assume that he didn't because of the way he and his campaign used race again Bill Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, and, most recently, John McCain and the Republicans.

Anyway, if he didn't get Granny's permission, I would love to be a fly on the wall while he's trying to patch things up with her. But, as we all know, he has a way of verbally turning lemons into lemonade and making you think that he really didn't say what he actually said and what you had actually heard. This was clearly true as Obama and his team "danced" to make Obama's "doesn't look like the other Presidents" remarks as meaning something entirely different than the fact that it was a race-based preemptive strike against John McCain and the Republicans. In fact, they did such a good job that much of the mainstream media began accusing John McCain of playing the race card and playing it first! Just listen to these moronic comments from NBC's Andrea Mitchell who appears to be completely in the tank for Obama as she "spins" Obama's comments about "other presidents": Click for Video.

I really hate to see him go on vacation. Even, for as little as a week. For me, he is such a rich source of blog entries. I might not have anything to write about. But, I'll struggle on!

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