Monday, August 4, 2008

United States of Pelosi

One of our greatest Presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, once said "...a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.." . He said this in his famous Gettysburg Address. No one before or since has defined our form of Democracy, a republic, as succinctly as that.

So, why then have we suddenly become a government "of" Nancy Pelosi, "by" Nancy Pelosi, and "for" Nancy Pelosi. Why, then, when almost 70 percent of the people polled in this country want us to drill for our own oil, is Nancy Pelosi and a select group of Democrats able to block even a single vote on "our" drilling offshore, in the Rockies, and in ANWR (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). Have we literally become the United States of Nancy Pelosi?

Last Friday, after failing to do anything about the oil shortages and high gasoline prices in this country, she and the rest of the Democrats went on their 5 week summer vacation (See Full Story). Like some form of dictator in the once-communist Russia, she shut the doors of the Peoples' House, the House of Representatives, and cut the power and video feeds in order to silence any opposition to "her" government of the people.

To my knowledge, we are a country of majority rule. And, the majority of us want action, not vacation, on the energy crisis that is crippling our lives. The majority of us want "us" to drill for our "own oil" (See Full Story). Even a majority of the environmentally conscious Californians want offshore drilling (See Full Story) We are a country who "greedily" uses about 25% of the world oil reserves. But, at the same time, we want the rest of the world to feed our greed like some grotesque version of Jabba the Hutt. When the radicals and terrorists raise their fists to say "death to America", little do they know that it might just be a bloodless death; a death of our own doing. A death by being financially sucked dry by our insatiable dependence on foreign, and not domestic, oil.

We need to be realistic about the future of energy in this country. It will take decades (not just 10 years) to wean ourselves off the oil standard. We need to drill now and, in parallel, develop and implement those future technologies that will ultimately replace oil in the years past 2030 or even later. Whatever Nancy Pelosi thinks, the future is not now. Not even close. And, this country isn't going to be force-fed by Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats and their special interest group, the environmentalists, when America and the technology isn't even close to being ready to replace oil; either technologically, efficiently, or cost effectively.

Americans need to take back America from Nancy Pelosi! We can do that at the polls!

By the way. Barack Obama's proposed spending of $150 billion dollars over 10 years or $15 billion a year for "green" jobs isn't hardly going to make a dent in a multi-trillion dollar oil industry. Last year, alone, Exxon-Mobil "expended" $223 billion to bring their share of oil products to the marketplace. That is over 14 times what Barack Obama will spend per year in trying to replace Exxon-Mobil as an energy company. Over the next 10 years, Exxon-Mobil plans to spend billions of dollars in exploring and bringing new oil production to the market. A single offshore oil platform can cost more than 1/2 billion dollars to build and millions more to operate over its useful life. Exxon Mobil is just one oil company out of the hundreds that exist in this country that are involved in the various aspects of the oil energy business. That's how absolutely "clueless" and "small minded" Barack Obama and the Democrats "are" in terms of the massive scope of oil production and oil usage in this country and in the world! Oil is not just used as fuel for the nearly 200 million vehicles in operation in this country. It is used to make paints and plastics. It is used in asphalt to pave our roads. The list of products it is used in is almost unbelievably endless. Let's get real people!

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