Monday, August 18, 2008

The Putin Test

Almost a week and a half ago on August 8, when Russia rolled into parts of the Republic of Georgia, both John McCain and Barack Obama hit the airways with their individual comments on this serious situation. McCain was clear in his statement that Russia should stop their aggression and that there should be an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to resolve the crisis (See Full Story).

Obama, on the other hand, showed his weakness by calling for "both" parties to show restraint (See Full Story). How stupid was that! Should a person or party getting pummeled by someone who is bigger than them "show restraint"? Since then, Obama has now come closer to McCain's initial position from his initially weak position.

I think Obama failed the "Putin Test". If I were Vladamir Putin, I would be happy to see an Obama as the President of the United States. With McCain in office, he might have to be a lot more cautious. Obama's failing of this test just reflects what I had previously said in my blog entry: "Are We Ready For The Mistakes Of J.F.K., Again?" (Click for popup link to that blog entry). Once again, history is in the midst of another period when Russia is on the move. Do we really want another charismatic but totally unprepared rookie in the White House during such a critical period?

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