Monday, August 11, 2008

Paris Hilton: She's Got It!

Lately, it seems like Paris Hilton is getting more free airplay on her response to John McCain for using her image in one of his campaign ads than the total airtime for all the campaign ads of John McCain and Barack Obama, combined (See Video). I guess it just shows that if John McCain or Barack Obama had legs like Paris Hilton, they would get free airtime, too. (By the Way. Don't try to visualize either Barack or McCain with Paris' legs. I've tried it and its nothing short of being totally horrifying!)

Aside from that video being legitimately funny, no one seems to understand that there is a real message in what she is saying. In that video, she is saying what most Americans are really thinking. She's got it and our politicians don't. Simply speaking, she is saying: Drill now for new oil while pursuing clean and renewable energy alternatives. Wow! Out of the mouth of babes (Or, just one babe!). How unique! How enlightened! Almost like the eighth wonder of the world.

From my perspective, the real road blocks to energy independence and a clean and a renewable energy future for America are Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House. Until recently, Barack Obama was also an impediment. However, he caved and he is "now" for limited drilling and, more importantly, proper tire inflation. For Obama's change of heart on drilling, you can thank the opinion polls, his quick ability to throw anyone under the bus and flip on any issue, and his inexhaustible need for votes.

The new heir-apparent to the Surgeon General's job, Senator Harry Reid, says we are all getting "sick" because of oil (See Video). That's why he is steadfastly against drilling for any new oil. Of course, Harry doesn't seem to understand how sick Americans will be when they can't afford to buy food or medications after paying for high gasoline prices (and Obama's new taxes) while they anxiously wait for the "green" energy messiah to come. A messiah that may take as long for us to see as the Jews waiting on theirs. (Hey! I know. Maybe our "Messiah" is really Barack Obama!)

Nancy Pelosi, when not thinking about longitude and latitude and not looking at her watch and every other timepiece within eye shot, believes that it is her destiny to save the planet (See Full Story). This new, self-appointed replacement for Mother Nature (probably more like Muthaa-something-else), thinks that she, and she, alone, will decide whether or not we will drill for new oil in America. The stupidity of Nancy Pelosi is that America isn't the world and the planet isn't just America. She would rather have countries with little or no environmental conscience drill for oil and supply it to the United States than any American companies that are strictly bound by environmental regulation.

Clearly, that little video skit of Paris Hilton says a lot. She's got it. When it comes to the energy crisis, she is really "Hot"! Go girl!

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