Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thor, Zeus, and, now, Obama!

Some people laughingly refer to Barack Obama as the "One" or the "Messiah." If it isn't the mainstream media that is giving him god-like adoration, it is Barack Obama, himself, referring to himself as the "one." He makes statements like "we are the one that we have been waiting for." You've really got to question the use of "we" in that statement. Is "we" the new "holy trinity" of Obama. Is he seated in his heavenly throne with Pelosi and Reid seated to his right and to his left? (Oops! A correction. I really meant to say: "seated to his far left hand and to his farther left hand.") And, what about that utterly messianic phrase of "that we have been waiting for"? I am sure the Magi have packed their bags and climbed onto their camels and are well on their way to Washington, D.C. with an expected E.T.A. of Inauguration Day, January 2009. They will be guided by the "star" that is now over Denver but will eventually swing into position over our nation's Capital.

Just recently, Nancy Pelosi said that "God has blessed us with Barack Obama." How Christ-like. Of course, Nancy should know. She is now one of the new theologians of the Catholic Church (see my blog as of two days ago). Apparently, God has more than just one Son that he was willing to send us earthly mortals.

Certainly, Barack's trip to Europe and his speech in Berlin gave all the appearances of being the "One"; once again. In that forum, he made sure that he was not simply seen as "a" candidate for the President of the United States but as "the" leader of the whole world. Only a true god could speak in those terms!

So, it is no wonder that Obama will have a setting and stage that is fit for a god when he delivers his party's acceptance speech tonight. In the continuance of the god and god-like themes, the powers of Team Obama and the Democratic Party have decided to create a stage that truly mimics the classic Greek Temples that were once built in honor of their gods (See Full Story).

I can just picture it now! Barack will step onto the altar of adoration at the outdoor stadium called Invesco Field. As usual, he will hold his head high with his typical arrogance that is, of course, becoming of any god. Then, 75,000 common plebes of the Democratic Party will present themselves to the "One". The real question of the night will be what protocol those 75,000 temple-goers, at the Shrine of Obama, will use? Will they kneel and bow their heads. Will they bring prayer rugs and throw themselves down before their god? Or, will the Democratic Party, just for this one night, suspend the normal adoration and just allow the followers to clap and shriek in rapture and ecstasy? Any way you shake it, it will truly be the second coming! Or, the first; depending on who does the counting!

Personally, I think the Democrats and Team Obama are making another mistake with the "Greek Temple" theme. I think the voters are tiring of this "god-like" stupidity by the the media, the Democratic Party, and from Barack, himself. He's just a politician and one who's still in diapers. Clearly, the polls are showing that this so-called god is seriously losing his followers!

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