Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dead Men Talking

One of the problems that scientists have always had when studying Global Warming is the availability of accurate weather records. Records going back centuries.

Recently, though, accurate records have been found. They were found in the ship's logs of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson and the British explorer Captain James Cook (See Full Story). Apparently, it was a daily practice on every Royal Navy ship to accurately record the winds, weather, and temperature.

Using 6,000 logs dating back to the 1600's, Scientists have now determined that in 1730's there was global warming; just like now. Contrary to the beliefs of people like Al Gore, there was no high carbon dioxide output to account for this. The industrial revolution hadn't even begun and was another 170 years away from even getting started. There was no man-made reason for it. The United States and its energy usage was still running around in swaddling clothes.

So, once again, scientists have more proof that dispels the belief that man is causing Global Warming. Once again, it appears that we are running headlong into policies that aren't so much designed to save the planet but fulfill a wish list of liberal causes.

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