Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now, Change You "Can" Believe In!

Real Clear Politics maintains a moving compilation of recent Presidential Election polls (See Full Story).

Yesterday, for the first time since Barack Obama clinched the top Democratic spot, John McCain actually took the lead in the Gallup poll with a 2 point lead. These numbers included the "Biden pick" as V.P. for Obama.

(Update: This morning, the Rasmussen Tracking poll has McCain moving into a 1 point lead from yesterday's tie; and, the Gallup, rather giving McCain a two point lead, has Obama ahead, again, by one point. Click on link, above, to view. )

The Real Clear Politics summary of poll's through yesterday now looks like this:

One month ago, the same Real Clear Compilation looked like this:

Note: You can get an enlarged view of each chart by clicking on it.

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