Friday, May 14, 2010

The "Asking For Papers" Lie By The Left Regarding the Arizona Law

If you listen to the left-wing representatives of both Union Labor and the Democratic Party who have been appearing on TV lately, the Arizona law, with regard to "asking for papers", is no different than how Nazis in Germany treated the Jews.

Apparently, those making these claims have never read the law. It simply states that the people who "might" (and it is a big "might") be suspected of being in this country illegally only have to provide one of the following proofs of identification to avoid any further investigation: A valid driver's license; a passport; a green card or visa; a valid state or Federal picture I.D.; or, valid tribal I.D. Nowhere is their any mandate that a person provide a birth certificate or other papers for proof of their citizenship. But, according to the left, if you're Hispanic, you going to have to carry your birth certificate around with you.

To pretend that asking for "papers" in this country is, somehow, un-American, is a canard of the highest order. For example, section 12951, of the California Motor Vehicle Code states the following:
(a) The licensee shall have the valid driver's license issued to him or her in his or her immediate possession at all times when driving a motor vehicle upon a highway.

Any charge under this subdivision shall be dismissed when the person charged produces in court a driver's license duly issued to that person and valid at the time of his or her arrest, except that upon a third or subsequent charge the court in its discretion may dismiss the charge. When a temporary, interim, or duplicate driver's license is produced in court, the charge shall not be dismissed unless the court has been furnished proof by the Department of Motor Vehicles that the temporary, interim, or duplicate license was issued prior to the arrest, that the driving privilege and license had not been suspended or revoked, and that the person was eligible for the temporary, interim, or duplicate license.

(b) The driver of a motor vehicle shall present his or her license for examination upon demand of a peace officer enforcing the provisions of this code.

(Click to See the Actual California DMV website on this Section of the Law)

Certainly, California is not alone with regard to carrying a valid I.D. on your person. Almost every state in our union has a similar vehicle operation law; some requiring a valid I.D. at any time you are out in public. Besides, its for you own protection. Logically, having a valid I.D. on your person at all times can help the police or health care provider to determine who you are in the event that something should happen to preclude your ability to communicate. Without requirements for identification, this world would have a lot more John Doe's in our morgues than we have today.

The attempt by the left to compare the police actions under this new law to those used by the Nazis in Germany is reprehensible and just shows how the far left will lie to achieve their agenda. I, for one, am tired of these lies; including those of our President when he used the example of a father and daughter going out for ice cream. Coming from this President, the lie is even more disgusting and it just weakens the argument being made by him and the rest of the left because is shows them to be both uninformed and stupid!

You can read the entire law at Neil Cavuto's website: (Click to See Site). For fun, use your search function to see if, anywhere, in that law there is even a reference to a birth certificate. You'll find none!

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