Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Remembering The World's Heroes

This country owes so much to the dedication and sacrifice of its military through the years. From the fight for our independence from England, to the current wars in Afghanistan and Iran, our military has proven itself to be, probably, the world's best in keeping and establishing peace in the world. Contrary to each and every one of our adversary's claims during wartime, we have never been imperialistic in our military actions. In general, our operations are primarily driven by an attempt to remove a threat rather than being the threat. Our military is always the first to fight in all the hot-spots around this ever-dangerous planet. We always provide more than half of the forces involved in any United Nations peace keeping operation.

On this day of remembrance, we should be thankful that there are military forces like ours, who act as a counterbalance against all the evils that have risen up in almost every decade since man has been on this earth. Our fighting men and women have not only died to keep America safe, but to make the rest of world a safer place as well. In effect, the dead that we remember today are the world's heroes. Not just our own.

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