Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mexico's President is Outraged At The Arizona Law!

On our own White House lawn, our constantly apologetic President allowed the President of Mexico to criticize the newly enacted Arizona law (Click to See Full Story: Obama, Calderon criticize Arizona immigration law). This is beyond belief because Mexico has some of the harshest immigration and visitation laws in the Western Hemisphere.

Purely staying in Mexico for any period beyond the time specified in a work permit or visa is a felony; punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Mexicans are encouraged to make "citizen's arrests" of anyone in their country illegally. Then, too, the local police are mandated to assist the Federalis in locating and arresting any illegals.

Even those who are in the country legally are barred from working in the government; as religious clerics; as a pilot; at any of the harbors within the country; and, in any number of occupations that are on the restricted list. Legal visitors can only remain in Mexico as long as they are "physically and mentally healthy". Otherwise, home you go, gringo! Falsification of any documents (like an I.D. or driver's license) or even signing a document using a false name, and you could end up in prison for up to a decade. No foreigner can ever own land or buildings in Mexico. Any person wanting to enter Mexico must provide proof of being able to sustain themselves before entering the country. Only foreigners who can improve Mexican society and not take jobs away from Mexican citizens are allowed into the country.

If we had the same laws as does Mexico regarding immigration, we'd have 10 million or more Mexicans choking our jails for numerous counts of laws broken. President Calderon is a hypocrite who seems to view the USA as some kind of work suburb of Mexico. The guy is the President of a country where corruption is rampant in government; where nearly every cop is on the take for the drug cartels; and, all the wealth is centralized in the hands of a few elites. We don't have millions of illegals here because Mexico is such a great place to live and find a job. Mr. Calderon should go back home and take a few million of all those false ID carrying "guests" along with him and stop whining about the leniency his people are afforded after they illegally enter this country.

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