Friday, May 28, 2010

Having Us Believe The Unbelievable!

We are now supposed to believe that Joe Sestak was offered a non-paying, obscure, advisory committee position in return for his not running for the historically prestigious and well-paying job of United States Senator. To top it off, we're told that it was Bill Clinton, someone outside of the Obama Administration, who made that offer? This whole explanation stinks more than a truck load of rotten eggs.

Obviously, the "non-paying" aspect of the job offer was an important element to this story because it intentionally extricates the Obama Administration from the "quid pro quo" implication under Federal law. That's because the offer was made for "nothing of value"; a non-paying job. How convenient.

So, what was the reason for Sestak hiding any details from the get-go. Sestak could have simply said it was for an honorary position and that he was not interested. Finally, if the truth was so innocent, why the 3-month delay in any White House response?

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Cheryl Pass said...

The circus goes on. I think they all really think the public is that stupid. And isn't it funny they used the Clinton clown for the pratfall?

You have to say...things are not boring.