Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eric Holder: More A Political Animal Than A Jurist

Yesterday, we found out that Eric Holder had never read the 16-page (10 pages with 6 page of amendments), Arizona law regarding illegal immigration. Yet, all last weekend, on one political talk show after another, he criticized the law as being a "slippery slope" to racial profiling. When grilled about his position after revealing that he had never read the law, he said he had developed that opinion based on news reports and what he had either seen or heard. Isn't that hearsay evidence, Mr. Holder; and isn't hearsay inadmissible in any court? It was obvious that he was simply following the liberal line in order to effectively win or keep the Hispanic vote in the upcoming fall elections. The actual law had nothing to do with his opinion as the top legal guardian in America.

But, he should have read the damn law before opening his dumb mouth. This is just so "Holder". He has always put politics before the law. He did that when he reported to Bill Clinton, when recommending that Marc Rich get a pardon solely because Rich's wife was a powerful fund raiser for the Democratic Party. Rich had been on the lam for years, evading our courts and justice system. He should never have been given a pardon prior to any trial. But, for Holder, politics was all that mattered.

Additionally, their is no rational reason to have Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (KSM) tried in New York; except for the political one of backhandedly putting the Bush Administration on trial. Eric Holder could care less if KSM gets off or is convicted. His only goal is to crucify Bush and his people in the court of public opinion and, as a result, attempt to elevate the Democratic Party.

Holder is no jurist. He thinks his role as Attorney General is to be the "legal" marketing arm for the Democrats. That was Obama's objective, too, when he nominated Holder for the Attorney General's slot. He abuses the legal system for political gain. This week's revelation that he didn't read the Arizona immigration law just proves that.

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