Monday, May 17, 2010

Obama And Left Try To Blame Bush On The BP Oil Spill

It was inevitable that the left would try to pin the the BP oil spill on George W. Bush. Friday, Obama painted a picture of a cozy relationship that existed with the oil companies going back 10 years. Um? Ten years? Didn't Bush take office just about then? And, they can't let Cheney get off the hook either. After all, it was Halliburton that just completed the concrete slurry work on that BP oil rig that failed.

But, here's the truth. It was Obama's Department of Interior's Minerals Management Services (MMS) agency that gave British Petroleum (BP) a "categorical exclusion" on safety and environmental impact studies for that very oil rig in April of last year (Click to See Full Story: U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study). And, it is no secret that BP gave more money to Obama than any other candidate in the last 20 years; and, that includes donations to George W. Bush's original election and reelection campaigns (Click to See Full Story: Obama biggest recipient of BP cash).

So, if you put it all together, doesn't it seem like the true "cozy relationship" began after Bush left office? I find it difficult to believe that any Democratic Administration, as cozy as they are with the environmentalists, would have given BP or any other oil company a pass unless it was money -- perhaps all that campaign money -- that bought and paid for that pass. Do ya think? As usual, this President takes no blame for anything. Not the miserable unemployment situation or now massive national debt. And, certainly, not for this oil spill or any of the mistakes that were made after it.

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