Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sestak's Lose-Lose Situation

Either out of some political calculation or the truth, Democrat and U.S. Congressman, Joe Sestak, from Pennsylvania, told the media that he had been offered a high-level job in the Obama Administration if he would just drop his bid to run against Arlen Specter for Specter's own Senate seat. However, in making that announcement, Sestak has never revealed what the job was or who offered it. Now that Sestak has beaten Arlen for the opportunity to vie for that seat, the Republicans see an opportunity to take that seat away from the Democrats by virtue of the Sestak disclosure. And, rightly so.

Look at it this way. Sestak, has now gotten himself in a lose-lose situation going into this Fall's elections. If he simply made that accusation to try and elicit some number of "sympathy-votes" in the primary election, he did so under false pretenses. Basically, he lied and voters don't like liars. On the other hand, if he truly was offered a job in the Obama Administration, that job offer is a "quid pro quo" felony under Federal law and he is now complicit in that very same felony by withholding or covering up the details of that crime. Then, too, that would hardly endear the voters to him.

I may be wrong but, any way you shake it, Sestak has drawn himself "aces and eights" (the dead man's hand in poker) and I think, as a result, the GOP will win that Senate seat in the Fall.

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